You Know You’re A Woman Over 40 When…

They say 40 is the new 30, but there are some things about the aging process that just can’t be Botoxed away. No matter how confident, fulfilled and well-preserved you may be, there are some aspects about getting older that kind of suck. It helps to know that your peers are also going through the same denials, declines and indignities. Considering the alternative to aging, the best approach is to just laugh about it and embrace the good with the bad. No need to fear the forties – there are a lot of great things about the decade of “coming into your own”. But here are 5 ugh moments every 40-something woman experiences at some point. You know you’re over a woman over 40 when…

1. You flirt a with that cute 20-something barista and he calls you ma’am

Sorry, no matter how great you look in those Lululemon pants, he just thinks “mom” when he looks at you.

2. One and a half glasses of wine and you’re toast

You used to be able to hold your liquor. You could enjoy a few cocktails and some wine with dinner and be the scintillating life of the party. Now you’re ready for a nap before the second glass is done.

3. You eat a cookie and gain 5lbs by next morning

It’s just not fair.

4. Your favorite edgy bands are now on the oldies soft rock station

Or worse, being used as background muzak in vapid commercials. And you thought your mixed tapes were so cool.

5. You’ve pulled your face back in the mirror to see what you’d look like with a lift

A little tuck at the temple and those eye folds would be back up where they belong.

6. You get out of bed feeling injured

Your back aches, your knees crack, your ankles pop – and you haven’t even taken a step yet.


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