Why Should We Legalize Marijuana

Jodi Rita

I guess I’m still an amateur compared to the millions that used marijuana since they were young. For me that wasn’t my scene. I was too ready for college and career… then soon became a single mom. No time to research. I was like most people that stereo typed a “pothead” as a somewhat lazier in their demeanor. 

Yes, I am transformed…by information that wasn’t always available to us. Thanks to the internet its hard to keep even facts and science from us.  Can you believe the Chinese used marijuana as medicine over 2,000 years ago not to mention even more evidence of its use in other parts of the world.

What’s needed is even more research so we can see the effects in the future. There’s research but getting it funded is an issue since it is not federally legalized. However, today we have opened the doors to the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of so many debilitating diseases. Amazingly without the complications or interactions of toxic medicines. I’m not saying don’t take medicine. I am just sharing my own experiences from working with others as a life coach and using compassionate care to assist others with information and knowledge. 

Just in the last few years of legalization I have witnessed countless miracles of relief…  including myself. The best part by learning is you become aware of many options. We all suffer in various ways. Is suffering necessary? It shouldn’t be when there’s an alternative and natural solution to boot. As human beings we will search for utopia forever. If so,  why should we suffer in the meantime till the bureaucratic system clears up and sets a federal guideline for us all?

There are good and bad in all things. Research gives us the fact that our bodies contain endocannabinoids [EC] throughout our entire system. When using Medical marijuana, as I understand it,  these receptors become enhanced with THC creating a pathway for dopamine. This is our chemical reaction to feeling relief. 

I’ve seen young children that have multiple seizures a day to few or none.  I’ve seen suffering cancer patients with multiple symptoms get relief by using Medical marijuana…. not to mention the relief from their medicines side effects. I’ve seen several people come off of horrible substance abuse.

On one of my visits to the dispensary I met a man with Parkinson’s. He had been waiting in line with me. We chatted briefly while he shook the whole time… you see it was his first time. I’m glad to say I crossed his path again and he had little if much shaking! 

All I want to do is share the knowledge. After all, everyone handles it in their own way.  It’s comforting to know we have alternatives and the negativity of cannabis is based on ignorance not science.

Happy healing!

– Jodi Rita

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