Top 5 Countries That Produce The Best Weed

Whether you are a daily consumer who is high all day, or you are the type who smokes before bedtime (or in bed..). or even the “every now and then” type, it’s a good time to be alive.


They produce some mean dope. Many of the strongest strains in the United States range around the mid to high 20% area in terms of THC. A group of Australians were rumored (a couple of years ago) that they have been growing marijuana with around 40% THC. They produced some out of this world bud they said. And the 40% rumor from back in 2013 is still somewhat up in the air, as many in the United States have disputed the authenticity of such claims. 


The Netherlands is famous for the tourist industry around marijuana consumption. All that because it’s was one of the first places in the world to come and smoke legally. Of course, the authorities in the country, especially around Amsterdam have tightened the strings on legalization. This is because the tourists are wandering the streets completely blasted. With regard to the weed itself, it is unquestionably one of the best in the world. Often creating hybrids or created strains for both potency and flavor. Thinking about a vacation to the Netherlands? read this “Amsterdam, Netherlands, marijuana vacation”

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The herb grows there all natural in many parts of the country. And has been consumed and enjoyed by locals for millennia. Whether it is the wild plant or a variant that has been modified, ganja produced in the southeast is widely considered one of the finest if not the finest quality in the world. They combine a peaceful high with some fine flavor. Some of the world’s best strains and species of marijuana include Kazakh roots.


Even after so many conflicts in this country, they still grow some great Mary Jane. Afghanistan is another place where we believe they were one of the first to experiment in weed and indica strains, many of which are now grown and enjoyed all over the world. Especially in the United States. Such as anything with the name “Kush” in it probably comes from Afghanistan. Kush gives a great combination of relaxing, peaceful high along with a great aroma.


Almost none of the strains of weed that are popular in the U.S.A actually originated from there. American growers are trying to perfect the process of growing. There is a whole lot of backyard trash in the United States, just good enough for people to consume. But at the same time, so much trial and error are going into new methods of growing. The new hybrids are very creative. In particular with the legalization and decriminalization. Weed production in the U.S. is reaching new levels of dedication and study. 


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