This Is The Secret To Women Rising

Today there are more and more women speaking up. And that’s not a few old subjects like #unequalpay #metoo . But the evidence is in. We, not only are we dispersing but building a young base of passion seekers. The most popular being on climate change with Greta Thunberg.

There are young women immersing themselves into politics for the advancement of women. There are many young activists for veganism. You name an issue women of all ages are getting involved.

At what cost?

The woman today knows “time” and “persistence” is key. We cannot let our efforts die we must engage women to not only follow their passion but, to lead. Leadership is a key component to creating a female-friendly world. In doing so we must empower youth but all young women trying to create a better universe. There are examples popping up all over like Christina Koch who just finished the longest trip in space.

It’s not who made it in the media but, women young and old need to rise to the fact we are the majority.. That’s a mathematical fact that should be on our side instead of time.

Why aren’t we obtaining more authority quicker?

Part of the reason is resting on time and perseverance alone doesn’t create the whole equation. The fact is women have the power to make more choices but it begins with each woman responding and recognizing the needs of our sisters to rise. Not empowering another woman in her cause can lead us down the wrong rabbit hole.

We need to put our personal convictions and female jealousies aside, first. This plan would be working if we did so now it would be evident in elections if a woman truly took it upon themselves to support, mentor or at the very least stand together in solidarity.

The world we live in would be more ideological.

Today not only must we invoke empowerment of other women so we can have not only balance but true justice for all women. Yes, even those who have suffered for thousands of centuries.

We as women must embrace our ancestors suffering and make a difference one opportunity at a time. This is the secret to women rising. So start today supporting and empowering women of all diversities and ages.


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