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It’s here, it’s here! My 2019 rosé guide is fiiiinally here.

Oooh I am so excited to bring you some of my favorite rosés for 2019!

[Also! A quick note on all that: I live in PA where we can’t get our wine in grocery stores (or Trader Joe’s or ALDI, whomp whomp), so if you live in a different state, you might find prices even lower than some of these. Another quick note would be because of that, some of the rosés my liquor stores carry are still from 2017. I wrote this last year, but with rosé, you want to buy it aged from the previous year (or maybe just one year before, but it’s not a wine that gets better with age). However, being in Pennsylvania (a control state), we get what we get.]

I also listed out the flavor notes for each rosé! I know that for me, the flavor notes are a HUGE selling point. Even though I find that flavor notes can be subjective depending on your palate, I love hearing about the notes. You’ll find all the notes below for these dry rosés. What are you drawn to most? For me, it’s strawberry or watermelon.

We’ve tried SO many rosés to really narrow it down and make it THE LIST. So here we go!


Miraval is a typical fave for me when it comes to pricey rosé. A year or two ago I fell in love with the La Bargemone. This year, I discovered the By.Ott and Hampton Water!

Miraval Rosé // strawberry, citrus

By.Ott Rosé // white peach, apricot, mango

Hampton Water Rosé // strawberry, melon, cherry

La Bargemone Rosé // strawberry, floral


It is SO hard to pick a favorite here in the under $25s. I’ve loved Minuty for YEARS, but last summer, Notorious Pink came out on top for me. The Palm is better than I expected – I like it better than the original Whispering Angel. The Vanderpump rosé is shockingly good, as is the ever-instagrammable Summer Water!

Summer Water Rosé // grapefruit, strawberry, white peach

Notorious Pink Rosé // melon, raspberry, sweet cherry

Minuty Rosé // peach, candied orange

Vanderpump Rosé // strawberry, tangerine, peach

The Palm by Whispering Angel Rosé // fruity, floral


I absolutely love all of the rosé in this category! If I had to pick, the Emotion rosé and the Cote des Roses is definitely a tie for the best. 

Pink Flamingo Gris Rosé // red currant, strawberry

Emotion Rosé // strawberry, orange zest, floral

Gerard Bertrand Cote des Roses // grapefruit, floral

Julia’s Dazzle Rosé // strawberry, orange blossom, melon

Pascual Toso Barrancas Rose // raspberry, melon


There are fairly limited choices around me when it comes to super cheap bottles (i.e. non-canned) of rosé! These are the only two that I actually liked, so here they are!

Hecht and Bannier Languedoc Rosé // raspberry, cherry, pineapple

Nicolas Pinot Noir Rosé // strawberry, apple, citrus


I have come to LOVE canned rosé, especially since it’s easier to get higher quality versions now. Is canned rosé now what boxed wine was in the 90s? It’s the best because it doesn’t require me to open an entire bottle, and I never want wine to go to waste. Obviously. We tried a few other canned rosés here that didn’t make the cut, but these ones are all good!

Underwood Rosé Wine // strawberry, watermelon, peach

Underwood Rose Bubbles // strawberry, fruit cocktail, cherry

House Wine Rosé Bubbles // berry, citrus

Crafter’s Union Rosé // watermelon, strawberry, peach

Sterling Vineyards Rosé // berry, orange blossom

Cupcake Rosé // watermelon, raspberry

Ah So Rosé // citrus, strawberry

C’est Le Vin Barnard Griffin Rosé // cherry, raspberry, citrus


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