Empowerment Starts With YOU

women empowerment

It’s taken years to even hear the word “empowerment” on almost everyone’s tongue. But most importantly womens. Today we are standing out in more ways than one. We are trying to put an end to a lot of social and emotional pressure. By helping the next generation stay strong, wise and continuously use their voices. 

Yes, it’s a new day and age some of us believe the feminine energy will rise and help balance the world as it is. Some are completely in denial due to their beliefs or others. Despite this we are not completely with each other… there lies an interesting fact. That is most women don’t lift each other up. In most cases, we criticize or worse. Don’t we realize if we each voted we would be in the lead among men. That means our beliefs and rights would be part of our acting society. 

Opening doors for millions of brilliant, wise and strong women with so much to offer. This simple practice of ignoring old messages of jealousy or bullying would be no longer. By keeping us focused on lifting each other up we can succeed. Kindness comes from love which is the strongest power to transform even the worst of circumstances. If we start complementing with integrity and kindness we can lift each other up to stay in a strong alliance. One which will help us to accomplish great things for the world and the generations ahead. The list is long but, we have to start somewhere. The generations of today have so many more doors open to them it’s the perfect time to coach the next generation into their own power. 

This generation must act for all those sisters behind us that struggled for equality, dignity and a simple voice. Men and woman each have special gifts but now is the time in history to take the reins and make a difference. The sad story is a lot of times we sabotaged ourselves from not binding together. Instead social status, marriage, and fear to name a few slowed our success. We mustn’t forget the deaths and barbaric treatment the others suffered just to speak on our behalfs. Instead of gossiping or passing rumours engage sisters to complement and communicate with one another. 

In time there will be an evident change in the system as a whole. There will always be doubters and haters. Male and female but we must dig in and realize this purpose will help us all to be a more civilized and cultured society. So the next time you want to laugh at a sister or gossip hold your tongue, dig deep to find an encouraging word. This, like a set of dominoes, we must set it up diligently to make an impact especially for the future of our young. 

As more and more brave women speak up, the more the rules against our rights will change. We can’t forget what our ancestors went through to bring us here. Stand together with fortitude and true inner strength and we together will transform the world!  #womenalign

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