Canadian Producer to Release Pure Cannabis ‘Cigarettes’

woman smoking

One Canadian company is hoping to sell pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes assembled with the all-too-familiar beige filters present on many tobacco cigarettes in Canada.

And looking at the pictures from the company’s press release last week, you would actually be forgiven if at first glance you thought it was a cigarette. You may not even know for sure unless you take a whiff or spark one up.

“I am predicting consumers will gravitate towards this finished type of product and the old way of rolling joints will be something of the past,” said John Miller in the release, president and CEO of THC BioMed.

With large reductions in tobacco use after decades of public awareness campaigns, should the cannabis industry be associated with a substance that directly contributes to lung cancer?

THC Biomed is banking on these pre-rolls being the future and has even doubled-down by investing in automated pre-rolling equipment that they say is capable of producing pre-rolled cigarettes that are cheaper than conventional cannabis pre-rolls.

The company says it hopes to release a sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD landrace version of each product and expects the products to be available for medical cannabis patients shortly. They are hoping that the CBD version will allow people to “transition” more easily from non-intoxicating tobacco cigarettes.

Not everyone in the cannabis space was happy about the company’s announced intentions. The release sparked a conversation on Twitter with Canadian cannabis industry personnel debating whether it was a good idea for the company to take the direction.


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