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WOMAN,WINE,WEED started with a” need” like most things do. I had been through my share of health problems and medicines when I discovered a women’s secret society so to speak.

Jodi Rita Jodi Rita – Publisher

You see not am I not only suffering from pain but, at fifty eight, a whole lot can start to hurt. Most of the woman were older than me but, through a giggle or a whisper someone would share their secret of medical marijuana. Yes they vape, and or smoke and the best part I’m told is the discreet deliveries to your private home.

Yes, there is an underground . Perhaps shame or guilt, its still a type of stigma since it’s not main stream here yet… It seems to be a matter of time we will have a choice from big pharma and cannabis. Although there were other needs I was seeing I had become a life coach over eight years ago and now have found a niche… Medical marijuana patients.

As I would wait sometime for hours, I would see such a vast array of men and surprisingly lots of woman of all ages. There were stories upon stories from people just sitting there…. stories of relief and transformation but, there also was a lack of education. I remember a man trembling so bad from parkinsons asking what do I do With This Prescription?  My heart ached.

Luckily from time to time you get to run into them and see the results are so rewarding for someone who suffers. That is when I realized the importance of woman’s needs , and those seeking cannabis for relief of some sort.  Woman in general get treated lightly when they complain about anxiety and depression…. which has become a rising epidemic for so many woman young and old. Woman need there own place to relax and not hide.

We are the world no matter how some try to take it away. For one thing there’s no population without us carrying it into the world. So shouldn’t we have choices and knowledge to better ourselves?

I have gone from opposing marijuana to embracing it.

Jodi Rita

After years of research I realized I was wrong. You see, I had had Cancer more than once and unfortunately I was prescribed a whole lot of meds just for symptoms! Not to mention the side effects. 

It had escalated into oxycontin. Yes, the crisis was another I battled against. They tell you you’ll be fine but, it’s hard to find a doctor to wean you down. That was the revolution I needed to learn to get yet another substance out of my life.

I am happy to say medical marijuana solved my cravings and has helped me remain healthy. I want to help empower anyone with information that they are not manipulated but, they can take what they need for them to empower themselves. Information is wisdom.

The other and my foremost part is Woman as a whole. We are rising up! We need to embrace our sisters with knowledge and strength so we can pass on a healthier place to our daughters and grand daughters… I threw in the wine since some women like to relax with wine. I hope to entice a woman or even a man for that matter with a source of entertainment and knowledge.

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Jodi Rita