A Strong Woman Is like Fine Wine – Classy, Bold and Worth Everything You Invest in Her

Just like fine wine, a strong woman needs to be treated with love and care, and every aspect of her needs to be understood and appreciated.

What does it mean to compare someone to fine wine? Fine wine, unlike other drinks, is savored, every sip slowly taken and allowed to mingle with the taste buds before it goes down. You can’t rush drinking fine wine. You take it in, enjoying every bit of it and appreciating its flavor, richness, complexity, and depth. And you don’t drink fine wine just to get drunk; you drink it responsibly and ensure that you approach it with a certain amount of respect because of how rare and how delectable it is. A strong woman, too, deserves the kind of careful consideration and appreciation that fine wine warrants, and she has a complexity and depth of character that complements the luxurious drink. Here’s why a strong woman is like fine wine.

1. She gets better with age

In a world that sees signs of aging as an alarming indication that your life has entered a downward spiral, a strong woman somehow transcends the panic that most people experience as they grow older, and she thrives in her newfound wisdom and maturity. She doesn’t give in to the idea that aging is a negative phenomenon, but she sees it as a natural progression that brings growth, knowledge, experience, and understanding. She looks forward to the years ahead and what they bring, and she knows that she’ll only get better as a person, slowly learning to be the best she can be as time goes by. Like wine, she matures with age and comes into her true self.

2. She’s complex

“A full-bodied Sauvignon with subtle undertones of spices and a hint of smokiness.” When you use the adjective “strong” to describe a woman, it’s easy to forget the other facets of her personality that make her the amazing, inspirational woman she is. A strong woman can be funny, childlike, silly, and playful. She can be “feminine” in some aspects and “masculine” in others. She can be serious, intuitive, kind, thoughtful, patient, courageous, outspoken, dignified, authoritative, quiet, mysterious, alluring, exciting, resilient, and a host of other characteristics. She can also sometimes struggle with insecurities and fears, she can fail at times and find it hard to pick herself up, she can make mistakes and get it wrong, and she can even be weak and vulnerable.

3. She needs to be handled with care

Like everyone in this world, a strong woman needs to be handled with love and care. Just because you see her as a woman of strength doesn’t mean she can handle all the tough love and criticism you throw at her. She still has feelings and needs, and she still feels pain when people hurt her. She can deal with these difficult emotions herself and find ways to get her needs met, but she will not hesitate to call you out if you fail to appreciate her and treat her with the love and respect she deserves. When you care for her, you will experience all the amazing benefits of a relationship with her.

4. She doesn’t choose to pair up with just about anything and anyone

“Pairs well with cheese and white meats.” A good bottle of wine is best enjoyed when paired with the right kind of food. Similarly, A strong woman knows where to spend her time and energy and makes sure she prioritizes the important things in her life and the people who make a difference to her. She is careful not to waste her time doing things that don’t benefit her in any way, don’t help the people she loves, or don’t contribute to helping her reach her goals. She also makes sure that she cuts out people in her life who are toxic and manipulative and fill her life with negativity and criticism. She also doesn’t entertain people who are always looking to her to help them without offering her support in return.

5. Too much of her can intoxicate you

It’s no secret that a strong woman attracts attention everywhere she goes. Her honesty, confidence, and ambition set her apart from the rest, and she has an incredible ability to overcome the worst odds to achieve her goals. People around her look up to her and view her as an inspiration, and the more time you spend with her, the more motivated you will feel to accomplish your goals, love yourself fearlessly and take important risks. Her ambition can infect you and her self-confidence can be heady to be around, as you start unconsciously emulating her admirable qualities and absorbing her positive energy.

6. The more you’re willing to invest, the better she gets

Just like fine wine, the more you’re willing to spend, the better quality you can afford. In the same way, a strong woman needs adequate emotional investment if you want to be a part of her life. She has boundless amounts of love to offer you, and she will hold nothing back from those who have earned her love and trust, but to discover this side of her, she needs to know that you’re willing to invest in her as much as she’s willing to invest in you. You can enjoy a fulfilling relationship with her when you’re willing to give your best to her and be an equally positive influence in her life.

By Joshua George

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